Mar. 25th, 2013 04:55 pm
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Many people have a close relationship with their pets. Do you think that is good or not? Why or why not?

Is that good that many people have close relationship with their pets? I think it’s certainly good. Moreover, I think it’s an obligation of any normal person to treat his pet as a member of his family. There are at least practical advantages such as better care. Strong relation with their pets also help people to avoid daily stress. Moreover, there are some moral aspects. Treating the pet as a member of the family give people feeling of true friendship and make them feel not alone.
First, strong relationship make people take better care of their pets. Owners buy better food , go to the doctors regulary and respect their pets because they treat thier animals not as toys but as creatures with soul. Pets feel people’s attitude and know whether owner love them or no. If you love your pet, your pet would adore you. And such relation would give you more joy then a simple possesion of the pet.
Second, close relationship with pet give people the feeling of true friendship, save them from solitude. It’s not a secret that a lot of people acquire the pets to save themself from solitude. People don’t feel enough positive emotions from relations with other humans. And animals could give them an ocean of love. But it would be only in the case of close relationship. 
To sum up, strong relations with pets led to good care of animal and better mental health of the owner. In fact, the better mental health is the main reason to have a pet . And this health is impossible without strong feelings to the pet.



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