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Apr. 4th, 2013 05:30 pm
[personal profile] happy_suicide
 What gift would i give to help a child’s development? 

What gift would i give to help a child’s development? Somebody could think that the best gift should be as serious as a book, a pazzle or a microscope. But i think that the best gift is a bicycle! I believe that it contributes a lot to the child’s development because it helps in physical development and in social activities. Moreover, this gift would teach the child to maintain vehicle, even if it is so simple as the bike.
Firstly, a sport activity is very important in the child’s growth. Children like active games. With bike a child would spent a lot of time on fresh air. Bikes help a lot in health carrying. It’s not so boring as running and person can change speed if he is tired. Although it’s dangerous to use bike in big cities for children, that would be safe in the country. So, there’s nothing better except maybe a soccer ball. 
Secondly, a very important aspect of the child’s development is his social life. You can’t give friends but you can give something that would connect the child with another boys or girls. Children like skates or skiis but the most popular transport among them is a bike. Playing games on bikes like “cowboys and robbers” the child would learn teammate skills.
Finally, the child would carry on bike. One must pump wheels or simply clean his bike. One must maintain the bike very carefully, keep eyes on it. 
To wrap up, i think that the best gift to a child is a bike. In my childhood parents bought me the bike. I rode very much on fresh air and it developed my muscles. I frequently rode with my friends. We played games on bikes and I learnt some social skills. And parents made me to maintain the bike and it became in the whole-live habit. Even now when I drove my car I sometimes remember my bike’s journeys.
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