Mar. 25th, 2013


Mar. 25th, 2013 02:51 pm
People remember special gifts or presents they have received. Why?

Why do people remember special gifts or presents they have recieved? I think that the main reasons are a pleasure from obtaining the present and free cost of a present . Most important, the present is always a sign of attention , it expresses the feelings of a person who is giving it. Therefore, people remember the gifts because they remind them of the feelings of other people. 
First, people like to obtain things, especially good things. The gifts are usually expensive. Everybody choose gifts very careful, try to take the best one. And when you recieve a useful nice thing you sure will remember it.
Second, the gift is always free. In life where all most every pleasure is worth money, every free thing gives you a special joy. One day my grandfather told me that every good thing in this world must cost about three hundred dollars, for example a new bike, a computer, ticket to the sea, but the best things are always free. Maybe that’s just a joke, but the best moments in my life were free for me. The studies of psychologist showed that we use reverse logic. It means that if the best things are free, then every free thing is the best. That’s why people remember presents. 
Final, the gift isn’t just a thing you can buy by your own it’s always a sign of care from other person. People recieve presents in special days from close friends. Therefore, things remind about people. And as you remember other people, you will remember the presents they gave you.
To sum up,  people remember good gifts because presents are expesive things. Presents are free and people think about free things more careful. And gifts remind about the feelings of other people.


Mar. 25th, 2013 04:55 pm
Many people have a close relationship with their pets. Do you think that is good or not? Why or why not?

Is that good that many people have close relationship with their pets? I think it’s certainly good. Moreover, I think it’s an obligation of any normal person to treat his pet as a member of his family. There are at least practical advantages such as better care. Strong relation with their pets also help people to avoid daily stress. Moreover, there are some moral aspects. Treating the pet as a member of the family give people feeling of true friendship and make them feel not alone.
First, strong relationship make people take better care of their pets. Owners buy better food , go to the doctors regulary and respect their pets because they treat thier animals not as toys but as creatures with soul. Pets feel people’s attitude and know whether owner love them or no. If you love your pet, your pet would adore you. And such relation would give you more joy then a simple possesion of the pet.
Second, close relationship with pet give people the feeling of true friendship, save them from solitude. It’s not a secret that a lot of people acquire the pets to save themself from solitude. People don’t feel enough positive emotions from relations with other humans. And animals could give them an ocean of love. But it would be only in the case of close relationship. 
To sum up, strong relations with pets led to good care of animal and better mental health of the owner. In fact, the better mental health is the main reason to have a pet . And this health is impossible without strong feelings to the pet.


Mar. 25th, 2013 06:09 pm
Many students choose to attend schools or universities outside their home countries. Why do some students study abroad?
Why do some students choose to study abroad? I think that the main reasons are an attempt to obtain better education, new experience and an intention to be independent. Lets look closer on those reasons.
First, some students want to take the best education they can afford. If a person choose a spanish literature as his area of research, then the best choice of univercity is somewhere in Spain. And even if you choose math  maybe there are no strong math schools in your homecountry. People who think about their future try to get the best opportunities. That leads them to other countries.
Second, studying outside homecountry always brings new experience. New firends, other habbits, new language and even different food could give you something. For example, russian student comes to study in Japan. He would be overwhelmed by strict rules in japanese society but he would also learn a lot about responsibility, respect to the elders and politeness. 
Final reason is that some youngsters want to be independent from almost everything. They want to start their lifes from the blank list without family, friends and even native language. It’s a challenge that could teach more than a univercity. It’s a hidden but very important reason as i think.



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